Relationship Coach Training: Self-Study Program

Inside this course you will:

  • ​Be trained in Interpersonal Intelligence® the only map that shows how relationships really work and how to do them well
  • ​Get trained in Present Centered Relationship Coaching®
  • ​Get cutting-edge education on relationship dynamics from Jayson Gaddis, founder of The Relationship School® (so much has been discovered in the last 6 years… it’s an emerging science!)
  • ​And much much more!​

“Before I signed up for the course and read other people's testimonials, I wondered what the hell goes on in that course to make people say such things. What could possibly happen to make it so special?! Well, if I could sum it up in a few words: this school is the real deal. Not only does the course have a curriculum with depth and meaning, but the teachers and students provide an atmosphere of love, support and challenge."  
Danyelle B, ​Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“If you are ready to meet other like minded kind humans, face your wounds, heal your heart and live according to your values buckle up and click register! What an amazing adventure! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I don't have to know everything. I don't have to fix everyone. I can lean in and trust my journey and the journey others choose. What a relief and what an opportunity, thanks Jayson and the entire team!”
-Krista C, Newton, Massachusetts

“Coming into this course I was in a horrible place in life and around relationships. This course helped me to understand what was happening to me and what I needed to do which was take ownership of my part of grow. My relationships have improved so much since this course! Whether I start a business or not, this investment in myself was life changing. I can't thank Jayson, MITS, and my cohort enough for allowing me to be here. I want to change the narrative around Men of Color, emotions and healing. This is just the start. I will continue to research and grow in all intersectionalities I possess. Overall this was a challenging year with the relationships courses, teaching two courses and running an office. This was a rooting for me and a time to get the growth I needed! -Thank you! ”
-Will S,  Boone, North Carolina


Refund Policy: 

We feel strongly that our course is an investment that will greatly strengthen the scope of your practice and personal growth. We believe that you will love this course, however, we do have a refund policy if you are not fully satisfied with your investment. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of your enrollment. Simply email to request a refund. No refunds will be permitted following 30 days of your first payment.
*Effective March 2024

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